Oatmeal Container Drums

Need something fun to do with your little ones? Make some drums! This project can be super simple, or very intricate, so it is easily adaptable to a range of ages!

We made three, one for each of us. Can you guess which was made by the 1 1/2 yo, the 4yo, and me? We spent about 20 minutes on this project decorating our drums.

To start, you simply need an oatmeal can with a lid, supplies for decorating, some string or yarn, and something to use for mallets – we chose unsharpened pencils!

My 4yo wanted stickers, the 1 1/2yo wanted to use markers, and I raided the construction paper scrap box. They liked that idea after seeing mine, so they added some paper to theirs also!

We poked two holes in each can, inserted string, tied the string around our necks, and marched off in our own three person parade!


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