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Tiger Party Prep: Progress!

Tiger Party Prep: Progress!

Preparations are humming along! Mandarin orange cups turned tiger: Mandarin orange cups + googly eyes + Sharpie!   I flipped the orange cup upside down, used a low-temp hot glue gun to stick the eyes on, and then traced the indentations on the bottom with the black Sharpie marker.  I added a nose, mouth, and whiskers, and was finished!  … Continue reading

No-Sew Love Monsters!

No-Sew Love Monsters!

I have exciting news to share with you today: a new book is about to be released, and one of my projects was included!  It’s called Never Been Stitched, by Amanda Carestio.  It has an assortment of no-sew and low-sew projects in it.  (Edit: I’m giving away a copy of this book right now!  Giveaway … Continue reading

25 Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions: Advent Calendars

25 Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions: Advent Calendars

Earlier this week I shared 25 Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions, and promised to give you more details in case you would like to make any of those traditions your own.  Yesterday we looked at Child-Friendly Nativities; today’s topic is Advent Calendars!   When you talk about Advent calendars, you get one of several reactions.  One is, … Continue reading

In Pursuit of a Party

Some weeks are spent purely in preparation for a big event; in this case, a little birthday party for my now 2yo daughter!  Sometimes the party planner is a procrastinator, causing them to have to work every available second, and have little time for breathing, much less documentation in pictures!  I did, however, manage to … Continue reading

The result of a high level of distractibility…

is many partially-finished projects!  If you recall, I have several urgent projects on my plate at the moment.  The good news is, I’m making progress!  The bad news is, none of them are completely finished!  I have a tendency to work on one, get distracted by another, remember that third one and decide it would … Continue reading

Sneak Peek…

Here’s a little sneak peek of a few projects I finished this weekend! These are terrible pictures of three little projects that rank with my favorites ever! First, a t-shirt refashion into a birthday dress for my little one – please try to ignore the stains, she had to wear it before I could photograph! … Continue reading

Planet Printables – To Scale!

If you have or know a little boy, you will be passing through a space fetish stage.  It’s a simple fact of life!  We’re currently in a space-loving stage, in hyperdrive!  He’s been fascinated by it since he was 3, but the more he learns and understands, the more he loves it!  We have some … Continue reading

A little success…

Number one: My clothes are laid out and ready for tomorrow!  [Confused?  See yesterday’s post about implementing my daily dottie routines!] Number two: Remember these? They’re buttons made magnetic = fun for making button pictures on the refrigerator, and perfect math manipulatives.  If you go back and check out my original post (which included some … Continue reading