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Children’s art project = home decor

Children’s art project = home decor

My children are constantly creating works of art, and of course they want them displayed!  There’s only so much 3-year-old artwork I want to hang in my living room, but I want them to feel that I value their talents and effort.  The most recent solution to this dilemma?  This fish wall art!  I’ve had these … Continue reading

A Domestic 2011

If you look up to the top of the page, you’ll see something exciting: a new menu!  It’s only Christmas, but I’m preparing for the new year already.  It’s really only a few days away, and there are some habits I’d like to being forming on January 1!  Click on the menu up at the top, … Continue reading

Fun Crochet Bumblebee

These are the two bugs who are allowed to live in our house without fear of being squashed.  They’re good friends :).  As I’m on a roll with finishing [last year’s!] Christmas presents, and as my 1 1/2yo left her currently indispensible stuffed monkey at church this past Sunday, I finally, FINALLY got around to … Continue reading

Crocheted Afghan Complete!!!

Last night I finished my husband’s Christmas present. Shall I be honest and confess that it was LAST YEAR’S Christmas present?!?! It was. I waited almost nine months to weave in the loose ends on one edge and put the border on. That took a total of about two hours over three nights. Do you … Continue reading