Thanksgiving Trees of Thanks

This is a simple children’s version of the popular Thanksgiving trees.  I printed a tree outline (found online) on standard size cardstock, and 25 leaf outlines on cardstock as well.  I also typed the Bible verse “Give thanks in all circumstances” (it’s in Spanish, if you notice in the pictures).  We started ours yesterday, cutting out and gluing the verse to the tree page, and adding one leaf.  On each leaf we’re writing something for which we are thankful.  It can be absolutely anything, and I’m not editing.

Have you ever noticed that the biblical exhortation to give thanks in ALL circumstances doesn’t just cover the “good” things in life, like food, and clothes, and toys, but also the “bad” things, like sickness, and loss of jobs, and moving away from good friends?  This realization changed my perception of giving thanks!  I think it makes thanksgiving all the richer. 

Here are our trees so far, with two leaves each:


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