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Living Room to Rainforest

We have been transforming our child-friendly living room into a rainforest!  I had hoped to finish it before the Amazon rainforest birthday party, but it wasn’t as complete as it could have been.  I’m going to show you what we did, and then tell you what we would have added if we’d had more time.  … Continue reading

Planet Printables – To Scale!

If you have or know a little boy, you will be passing through a space fetish stage.  It’s a simple fact of life!  We’re currently in a space-loving stage, in hyperdrive!  He’s been fascinated by it since he was 3, but the more he learns and understands, the more he loves it!  We have some … Continue reading

A little success…

Number one: My clothes are laid out and ready for tomorrow!  [Confused?  See yesterday’s post about implementing my daily dottie routines!] Number two: Remember these? They’re buttons made magnetic = fun for making button pictures on the refrigerator, and perfect math manipulatives.  If you go back and check out my original post (which included some … Continue reading

NFL Playoffs Interactive Bracket Project

It’s that time of year: January football!  If you have any little football fans at your house, this simple project will help you keep track of the twelve teams fighting for a spot in the Super Bowl.  You might even figure out the NFL playoff system while you’re at it.  CAUTION: This bracket does NOT … Continue reading

A Perfect Bird

Did you notice my new blog design?  What do you think?  It feels a little cleaner to me, and brighter I think.  But my favorite change is the addition of my all-time favorite bird up there.  Did it make you smile?  My 4yo made that, all by himself, to go with his birdhouse!  He designed, … Continue reading

More Paper Doll Fun!

Yesterday I was inspired and made these magazine paper dolls; it just wasn’t enough, so I made more tonight!  I thought having some children would be a nice addition, so I found some Land’s End boys, and couldn’t resist using the American Girls from the catalogue that arrived in the mail today! My son will … Continue reading

Paper Dolls and Math Manipulatives

This is one of those random projects that pop up when you least expect them.  It definitely wasn’t in the plan for the week, if you checked yesterday’s Sneak Peek!  I was trying to do a little cleaning.  I ran into a few magazines that I didn’t need, but just couldn’t bear to throw them … Continue reading

Sunday Sneak-Peek

A few projects, all currently in-process, and some of which are guaranteed to be blogged this week.  I can’t guarantee an unexpected project won’t jump into the line-up, however…check back to see how the week goes!

Noah’s Ark + Animal Classification!

My 4yo made these beautiful creations!  For the rainbow, I drew the lines and put a little spot of each color paint in the correct place, then let him paint the rest of the stripe!   He loves painting!  The Noah’s ark is even better.  We were studying animals, and learning what types of animals exist: … Continue reading

Fun with Felt!

I was completely inspired by the  felt dinosaur and car mats I ran across at Serving Pink Lemonade.  Fair warning, what I am about to show you doesn’t compare with what those practically professional ladies achieved, but it worked for me, and my two little ones were still thrilled, even though it wasn’t [at all] perfect.  … Continue reading