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Reflections on Blogging

I still haven’t gotten it quite figured out, this blogging gig. I enjoy it.  Except when I hate it. I love it.  Except when I avoid it like the plague. It’s refreshing.  Except when it’s a fresh source of guilt over something else I wasn’t able to accomplish today. I don’t want to write just … Continue reading

Why I’m turning off the comments.

Why I’m turning off the comments.

In general, this is what bloggers look like when they see that people have not only READ their post, but have COMMENTED on it!!!! via -bartimaeus- on Flickr Only those who are not bloggers will think I am exaggerating.  I’ve been one of these girls.  Don’t they look happy?  They are!  Happy is great!  But, … Continue reading

One for me and one for you

One for me and one for you

A while back I mentioned that I wanted my blogging to really make a difference.  I don’t want to be just another blog that [hopefully] gives you great inspiration or adds to your to-do list.  Worse yet, I don’t want to be a blog that makes you think you aren’t doing enough yourself and feel … Continue reading

2012: The Year of Freedom

2012: The Year of Freedom

I live in the United States of America, leader of the free world, but I am not free.  Are you? What I see in my life that currently keeps me from being free: 1.  Lack of planning. 2.  Lack of discipline. 3.  Too much stuff and too many distractions. Now is the time for change! … Continue reading

Blogging that makes a difference…

I’m a bit overwhelmed today by the unfairness of life.  By the inequality of opportunity.  By the way our fate can be determined by the place and circumstances of our birth.  And I look through the posts of the blogs to which I subscribe, and I think, really?  We’re worried about having sparkly shoes when … Continue reading

Motivations for Blogging

I’ve been mulling over my reasons for blogging recently.  My original explanation can be found in my blog name explanation post; but I’m not sure it tells the whole story.  After my 2yo’s birthday party last month, we enjoyed an [unexpected] visit from out-of-town in-laws, and in the preparations for that visit, my projects and blogging … Continue reading

Friday Flop 11/5/10

I know, it’s Monday.  Monday evening, at that!  But I forgot to post my flop on Friday…or I was too lazy, which has been a problem as my to-do list gets longer and the number of days prior to a big trip in December grows ever smaller!  And I don’t want you to think that I … Continue reading

The Name Explained

There may be people who choose a random name for their blogs, but I find it far more likely that names have a story behind them, or at least some kind of rationale.  Mine certainly does.  So, in case you’re interested, here it is!  I am, indeed, extremely practical.  I try to do everything in … Continue reading