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25 Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions: Advent Calendars

25 Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions: Advent Calendars

Earlier this week I shared 25 Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions, and promised to give you more details in case you would like to make any of those traditions your own.  Yesterday we looked at Child-Friendly Nativities; today’s topic is Advent Calendars!   When you talk about Advent calendars, you get one of several reactions.  One is, … Continue reading

Children’s art project = home decor

Children’s art project = home decor

My children are constantly creating works of art, and of course they want them displayed!  There’s only so much 3-year-old artwork I want to hang in my living room, but I want them to feel that I value their talents and effort.  The most recent solution to this dilemma?  This fish wall art!  I’ve had these … Continue reading

In Pursuit of a Party

Some weeks are spent purely in preparation for a big event; in this case, a little birthday party for my now 2yo daughter!  Sometimes the party planner is a procrastinator, causing them to have to work every available second, and have little time for breathing, much less documentation in pictures!  I did, however, manage to … Continue reading

Blogger’s Pillow Party!

Have you heard about the pillow party hosted by Rachel at Stitched in Color?  I’m entering my hand towel pillow this month!  There are some spectacular pillows partying over there this month, and my little pillow wanted to join the fun! I made this pillow for a very long train trip we took in December, … Continue reading

Sneak Peek…

Here’s a little sneak peek of a few projects I finished this weekend! These are terrible pictures of three little projects that rank with my favorites ever! First, a t-shirt refashion into a birthday dress for my little one – please try to ignore the stains, she had to wear it before I could photograph! … Continue reading

Hand Towel Pillow and Tutorial

Begin with an inexpensive hand towel (mine was $3 at Wal-Mart): And add an applique: And you have a cute, soft, sturdy little pillow for a sweet little girl, or boy!  First, add the applique: 1) Make a pattern for whatever applique you would like on your pillow.  I chose the letter “E”, being my … Continue reading

End of Christmas Decorations: Two Last Wreaths

I’m taking Christmas decorations down today.  We celebrated twelve days of Christmas, and Epiphany (when the wise men visited) on Thursday.  It will be celebrated at church tomorrow too.  It still drives me crazy that the wise men are pictured in the nativity scene.  They didn’t arrive until Jesus was about two years old!  Also, … Continue reading

Spray-Painted Pinecone Wreath Hanging

I finished this last night, and wanted to share, but, alas, the internet on my computer was not functioning!  Obviously, it’s back, and I can share this with you!  I’ll take some better pictures tomorrow in daylight, however; just a couple of peeks for this evening!  It might be enough to make you go look … Continue reading

$8 Armoire Redo with Pottery Barn-inspired knobs

Actually, it only cost seven dollars and change!  I love the Pottery Barn Kid/Teen dotted knobs, and wanted to use them, but they didn’t happen to fit into the budget.  So, I went to Lowe’s, found round wooden unpainted knobs, fixed them up, changed them out with the plain boring white knobs that were on … Continue reading