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Penguin Paralysis.

Penguin Paralysis.

It kind of sounds like an awareness campaign, doesn’t it?  But it isn’t the penguins who are paralyzed, it’s me!  Paralyzed by a penguin.  A stuffed penguin, at that.  Ready to see the culprit?  Here he is…or she?  I’ll have to ask my daughter… lt’s an innocent-enough looking penguin, right?  I’ve been wanting to show … Continue reading

Interchangeable Dinner Menu Board Progress

Given the last picture clue with the word “dinner” in it, the identity of this project doesn’t surprise you, does it?  This is a picture update, but the full explanation will be forthcoming.  I have only two small steps left to complete!  And then I’ll be making another one of a similar style, but which … Continue reading

Wonkiness and another Sneak Peek

  I love that “wonky” is an official quilting term.  I also love that this wonky log cabin style is my favorite, as well as being the one that is best suited for me!  This little block is going to become a pot holder!  I’m working on the reverse side now, possibly with a ticker tape … Continue reading

Motivations for Blogging

I’ve been mulling over my reasons for blogging recently.  My original explanation can be found in my blog name explanation post; but I’m not sure it tells the whole story.  After my 2yo’s birthday party last month, we enjoyed an [unexpected] visit from out-of-town in-laws, and in the preparations for that visit, my projects and blogging … Continue reading

Sneak Peek…

Here’s a little sneak peek of a few projects I finished this weekend! These are terrible pictures of three little projects that rank with my favorites ever! First, a t-shirt refashion into a birthday dress for my little one – please try to ignore the stains, she had to wear it before I could photograph! … Continue reading