For children:

From top left:             

  1. Hand towel pillow    
  2. Handmade blank books       
  3. Sandwich Cut-Outs
  4. Planets – to scale! 
  5. Magnetic button manipulatives   
  6. NFL Playoffs Bracket
  7. Potato Stamps      
  8. Homemade Drums
  9. Educational Beans  
  10. Alphabet Hunt  
  11.  Magnetic Magazine Paper Dolls
  12. Sweet Jeans Pocket Purse
  13. Red Ruffly Polka Dot Dress (from an upcycled t-shirt)
  14. Lion Piñata
  15. Simple Decorated Paper Bags


From top left:        

  1. Stuffed animal storage solution 
  2. Mailbox/Storage box  
  3. Children’s visual schedule
  4. Organization central 
  5. The Daily Dottie    
  6. Sun name and pinboard
  7. Interchangeable Weekly Dinner Menu Planner


From top left:                        

  1. Christmas/Holiday wreaths
  2. Advent poster 
  3. Advent book
  4. Advent binder, portable count-down and activities
  5. Sweet turkeys 
  6. Pinecone hangings  
  7.  Thanksgiving trees
  8. Simple Easter Basket

Quilting Projects

  1. Modern Birdy Mug Rug
  2. Striped Quilt Block

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