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A Pillow for my Mother

A bit of applique, my first embroidered words (from 1 Corinthians 13), and some stuffing, and this pillow was ready to be sent to my mother…via overnight shipping, given my procrastination :).  Love never fails – I think mothers are among those who understand this best of all, don’t you? [P.S. Please forgive my less-than-stellar … Continue reading

Character flaw: Overambitiousness

Proof that I suffer from overambitiousness:This is my first cross stitch sampler. Ever. Further proof: I began this approximately eight years ago. It requires 12,080 stitches. This fact should be stated on the front of the package, to help those with tendencies to INSANITY. Namely, me. I was fooled by its mere size of 5×7″. … Continue reading