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Friday Flop: Grilled Pizza

Friday Flop: Grilled Pizza

It’s hot.  Have you noticed?  I dislike using my oven when it’s hot, but we wanted pizza!  I use my grill and slow cooker as much as possible during the summer, and had been contemplating trying pizza on the grill.  Kojo Design’s post on grilled pizza sealed the deal.  I made two pizzas, one on … Continue reading

Friday Flop 11/5/10

I know, it’s Monday.  Monday evening, at that!  But I forgot to post my flop on Friday…or I was too lazy, which has been a problem as my to-do list gets longer and the number of days prior to a big trip in December grows ever smaller!  And I don’t want you to think that I … Continue reading

Friday Flop: Meal Planning

This week’s Flop isn’t a craft (though I have a craft flop too, of course!), but it’s going to involve a craft to help resolve it!  It’s the dreaded MEAL PLANNING!  Meal planning is wonderful.  It helps you save money on groceries, your family eats better, and you’re never stuck in a panic at 4:30 … Continue reading

Friday Flop

Time for the weekly edition of the Friday Flop!  It’s a good one this week.  Hopefully you’ll learn from my mistake, and never do this yourself!  Did you notice that I overcame last Friday’s Flop?  I conquered those bean bags (and threading the sewing machine) at last!  This one, however, is probably not redeemable.  Oh well.  … Continue reading

Sewing Success!!!

Perhaps you remember my recent Friday Flop? The completely failed bean bag? Embarrassing, for sure! But, it has been conquered!!! After nearly a week of trying to get my sewing machine to work properly again, and with a bit (or a LOT) of help from above, I have not one but TWO beautiful bean bags. Well, they’re … Continue reading

Friday Flop

It’s time for the Friday Flop, the sharing of that project that just didn’t turn out QUITE like it was supposed to.  Or didn’t turn out AT ALL, as is the case in the second of my two flops in the last 36 hours.  First, my original flop, which occurred yesterday morning.  I finally got … Continue reading