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FLYing failure…and a new plan!

This year is the year I master all things domestic.  Remember my Domestic 2011 focus?  It’s January 16, and this month’s focus is routines to keep the house clean.  By this point in the month, I should be halfway there to having all of my routines established and consistent, correct?  Correct.  I should.  But I … Continue reading

Simple Stuffed Animal Storage

Do you have a mountain of stuffed animals at your house?   Have you noticed how they try to take over your child’s room…and living room…and even end up in your kitchen cabinets?  Sneaky little things, they are.  Never fear, there’s a simple, inexpensive way to contain them.  Well, there are several, I’m sure, but here … Continue reading

Organization Extravaganza Continues

I set an ambitious goal for myself last week in determining to present all of the listed Organization Extravaganza projects by Saturday.  A little TOO ambitious, as it turns out!  And, my perfectionism kicked in high gear!  The debilitating kind! I was working on this tutorial for the pin board mail/storage boxes, and I just … Continue reading

Organization Extravaganza Continues Tomorrow!

Due to some bad dreams dropping in univited at our house last night, I wasn’t able to put up today’s project; sincere apologies to those who were waiting on the edge of their seats for this one!  I’ll double up for tomorrow’s post instead.  Check out the Organization Extravaganza project list for a reminder of … Continue reading

Organization Extravaganza: Project List

Interested in knowing what Organization Extravaganza projects are yet to come?  Here’s the blueprint for the week!  Links will be posted here each day as well, so you can get to all of the projects from one post! 1) The Daily Dottie!   A fun, reusable daily routine organizer.  Plus ideas for Daily Routines, which will make … Continue reading