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2012: The Year of Freedom

2012: The Year of Freedom

I live in the United States of America, leader of the free world, but I am not free.  Are you? What I see in my life that currently keeps me from being free: 1.  Lack of planning. 2.  Lack of discipline. 3.  Too much stuff and too many distractions. Now is the time for change! … Continue reading

A Domestic 2011: January Conclusions

January has been…a success!  My Domestic 2011 focus this month was getting household routines established for me.  I haven’t been able to execute ALL of my Daily Dottie routines in one day yet, but I’m getting very close!  And most of these routines have become a habit for me.  My day goes SO MUCH more smoothly … Continue reading

Progress…both domestic and sewing!

First, the domestic: Yes, that’s my daily dottie with four dots filled in – for routines done intentionally and on schedule!  I didn’t want to do them, either.  In fact, I just folded the laundry so I could fill in my dot and take the picture.  Now I can fill in my “blog” dot too … Continue reading

A little success…

Number one: My clothes are laid out and ready for tomorrow!  [Confused?  See yesterday’s post about implementing my daily dottie routines!] Number two: Remember these? They’re buttons made magnetic = fun for making button pictures on the refrigerator, and perfect math manipulatives.  If you go back and check out my original post (which included some … Continue reading

FLYing failure…and a new plan!

This year is the year I master all things domestic.  Remember my Domestic 2011 focus?  It’s January 16, and this month’s focus is routines to keep the house clean.  By this point in the month, I should be halfway there to having all of my routines established and consistent, correct?  Correct.  I should.  But I … Continue reading

FLYing…Mostly :)

Meet my shiny sink, per FlyBaby Step #1!    My Domestic 2011 has begun! And now I confess: I didn’t do the full cleaning she proscribed for this step.  But, I have done that full cleaning with this sink.  And not too long ago.  I’ve tried MANY times to start these baby steps!  Do you know … Continue reading

A Domestic 2011

If you look up to the top of the page, you’ll see something exciting: a new menu!  It’s only Christmas, but I’m preparing for the new year already.  It’s really only a few days away, and there are some habits I’d like to being forming on January 1!  Click on the menu up at the top, … Continue reading