Friday Flop: Meal Planning

This week’s Flop isn’t a craft (though I have a craft flop too, of course!), but it’s going to involve a craft to help resolve it!  It’s the dreaded MEAL PLANNING!  Meal planning is wonderful.  It helps you save money on groceries, your family eats better, and you’re never stuck in a panic at 4:30 as you search for something that can be ready by 5:00 and doesn’t contain five days worth of sodium.  The latter, of course, is pretty much asking the impossible.  So, you meal plan!

But I didn’t. 

Hence the Flop.

I get on kicks where I plan for two or three weeks.  It goes well.  I like it.  I love it!  And then I just don’t do it, because it seems like too much work, and at the end of the day, I just don’t want to!  I know, I sound like my preschooler when he gets whiny and defiant (not that he would, he’s a perfect little angel of course…). 

And then we end up eating out three days just because I couldn’t get my act together.  I don’t even like fast food!  I’d rather eat a PBJ or a cheese taco any day. 

SO this week I’m going to get it together.  I figure this will help motivate me, as I’ll be forced to face public humiliation if I fail to follow through on my planning.  Well, you’re probably too nice to actually humiliate me, aren’t you?  Maybe? 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I found a blog post from someone else who was meal planning, and they had made magnets for each day of the week, as well as laminated squares that functioned as pretty mini dry-erase boards.  I thought I bookmarked it, but, alas, I cannot find it.  Here’s something similar though:

Cute, isn’t it?  This one is from The Red Chair Blog.  I love that you can move the menu around, in case you change your plans mid-week!  I was using a dry-erase calendar, but it ended up with arrows all around to indicate where I decided to switch meals from one day to another!  This will be much easier, and neater!  I’m sure I’ll be inspired to stick with it! 

I’m not going to bother making one magnet for each meal though; I’ll laminate some paper or fabric, something along those lines, and just write my meals on the squares!  Watch for this project later this week!

What strategies do you use to make meal planning successful?  I’d love to know!  Espcially if this one doesn’t work out!  🙂


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