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25 Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions: Advent Calendars

25 Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions: Advent Calendars

Earlier this week I shared 25 Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions, and promised to give you more details in case you would like to make any of those traditions your own.  Yesterday we looked at Child-Friendly Nativities; today’s topic is Advent Calendars!   When you talk about Advent calendars, you get one of several reactions.  One is, … Continue reading

Complete: The Pot Holder-Turned-Mug Rug!

Remember the pot holder progress I shared?  Well, I lied.  Unintentionally, of course.   It simply wasn’t meant to be a pot holder…after I forgot to add the batting before quilting, that is!  I was sure to add a square of denim from some old jeans to make it thicker and more heat-resistant, but without the … Continue reading

Wonkiness and another Sneak Peek

  I love that “wonky” is an official quilting term.  I also love that this wonky log cabin style is my favorite, as well as being the one that is best suited for me!  This little block is going to become a pot holder!  I’m working on the reverse side now, possibly with a ticker tape … Continue reading