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No-Sew Love Monsters!

No-Sew Love Monsters!

I have exciting news to share with you today: a new book is about to be released, and one of my projects was included!  It’s called Never Been Stitched, by Amanda Carestio.  It has an assortment of no-sew and low-sew projects in it.  (Edit: I’m giving away a copy of this book right now!  Giveaway … Continue reading

Build, build, paint, paint!

Build, build, paint, paint!

I love building.  It’s a new-found love, since no one thought I should be around power tools.  It still makes my husband a little nervous.  But he showed me how to use them, and sometimes when he comes home from work, he finds out that I have been busy! I didn’t have to cut these … Continue reading

Completing a 15-year-old project…

Fifteen years ago, I received the gift for which I had been longing: a giant 2′ x 3′ box with thousands of tiny pieces.  My overambitiousness is deeply rooted.  Fourteen and a half years later, the box was in pristine condition…with all of the pieces still inside. But no more!  It has become this!   … Continue reading

Sweet Jeans Pocket Purse

If you know a little girl and have a pair of jeans you were planning on giving away, this simple sewing project is for you!  I completed this before I figured out how to use my sewing machine; so if all you have is a needle and thread, no worries!  You can complete this in … Continue reading

The result of a high level of distractibility…

is many partially-finished projects!  If you recall, I have several urgent projects on my plate at the moment.  The good news is, I’m making progress!  The bad news is, none of them are completely finished!  I have a tendency to work on one, get distracted by another, remember that third one and decide it would … Continue reading

A dilemma…

I’m in a quandary.  I really want to make a market for my children; we already have a shopping cart, cash register, play food, and many boxes and cans I’ve saved after cooking dinner!  I was going to find an inexpensive three-shelf bookcase, and then also set up a countertop consisting of two small closetmaid … Continue reading

Blogger’s Pillow Party!

Have you heard about the pillow party hosted by Rachel at Stitched in Color?  I’m entering my hand towel pillow this month!  There are some spectacular pillows partying over there this month, and my little pillow wanted to join the fun! I made this pillow for a very long train trip we took in December, … Continue reading

Planet Printables – To Scale!

If you have or know a little boy, you will be passing through a space fetish stage.  It’s a simple fact of life!  We’re currently in a space-loving stage, in hyperdrive!  He’s been fascinated by it since he was 3, but the more he learns and understands, the more he loves it!  We have some … Continue reading

A little success…

Number one: My clothes are laid out and ready for tomorrow!  [Confused?  See yesterday’s post about implementing my daily dottie routines!] Number two: Remember these? They’re buttons made magnetic = fun for making button pictures on the refrigerator, and perfect math manipulatives.  If you go back and check out my original post (which included some … Continue reading

Updated NFL Playoffs Bracket

If you’ve been keeping track of the playoffs, you know who’s won, who’s lost, and who will play next week!  Maybe you even made your own Playoff Bracket?  Either way, here’s an updated playoff bracket for you!  It’s not too late to make your own; it’s a great project for little football fans, and helps … Continue reading