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Penguin Paralysis.

Penguin Paralysis.

It kind of sounds like an awareness campaign, doesn’t it?  But it isn’t the penguins who are paralyzed, it’s me!  Paralyzed by a penguin.  A stuffed penguin, at that.  Ready to see the culprit?  Here he is…or she?  I’ll have to ask my daughter… lt’s an innocent-enough looking penguin, right?  I’ve been wanting to show … Continue reading

A Pillow for my Mother

A bit of applique, my first embroidered words (from 1 Corinthians 13), and some stuffing, and this pillow was ready to be sent to my mother…via overnight shipping, given my procrastination :).  Love never fails – I think mothers are among those who understand this best of all, don’t you? [P.S. Please forgive my less-than-stellar … Continue reading

Hand Towel Pillow and Tutorial

Begin with an inexpensive hand towel (mine was $3 at Wal-Mart): And add an applique: And you have a cute, soft, sturdy little pillow for a sweet little girl, or boy!  First, add the applique: 1) Make a pattern for whatever applique you would like on your pillow.  I chose the letter “E”, being my … Continue reading

Organization Extravaganza Continues

I set an ambitious goal for myself last week in determining to present all of the listed Organization Extravaganza projects by Saturday.  A little TOO ambitious, as it turns out!  And, my perfectionism kicked in high gear!  The debilitating kind! I was working on this tutorial for the pin board mail/storage boxes, and I just … Continue reading