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A Pillow for my Mother

A bit of applique, my first embroidered words (from 1 Corinthians 13), and some stuffing, and this pillow was ready to be sent to my mother…via overnight shipping, given my procrastination :).  Love never fails – I think mothers are among those who understand this best of all, don’t you? [P.S. Please forgive my less-than-stellar … Continue reading

Hand Towel Pillow and Tutorial

Begin with an inexpensive hand towel (mine was $3 at Wal-Mart): And add an applique: And you have a cute, soft, sturdy little pillow for a sweet little girl, or boy!  First, add the applique: 1) Make a pattern for whatever applique you would like on your pillow.  I chose the letter “E”, being my … Continue reading

Progress: Space Shuttle Pillow Applique!

I’ve finished one side of my son’s travel pillow!  I thought I had now finished both sides, but more on that in a moment…for now, let’s bask in the beauty of this space shuttle! Please don’t look too carefully, just stand back to get the overall effect so you won’t notice all of the crooked … Continue reading