Journal Cover Tutorial Round Up

There’s just something exciting about journal covers, isn’t there? Maybe not for everyone, but for me, it turns a plain, inexpensive notebook into something special, and something I’m more likely to use! Plus, when one notebook is full, it can be swapped out for another!

Journal notebook covers and tutorials

So I have this pile of journal covers I’ve just finished sewing. I don’t actually need seventeen journal covers, myself, but my Bible study girls do! We’re studying One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Have you read it? Sometimes you hear about a study and wonder if it is really as good as all the hype; in this case, it is BETTER. I’m really enjoying it. I knew it involved making a list of one thousand gifts, but it’s much more than that. For the list, though, these journal covers will be perfect! And the time I’ve spent sewing them has been a perfect opportunity to pray over them, and pray for each woman.

journal notebook covers


Journal covers named

I asked about their favorite colors at our first session, so that each woman could have a cover they would love, and that would inspire them to use it.  My husband thinks I’m very silly (and he might be right 🙂 ) but sometimes little things make a big difference, don’t they?  I personally would not be inspired to use something covered in pink sparkles, but some would be!  The fish and the bees are my personal favorites.

I told them that when they saw imperfections in the cover, it could remind them to give thanks for the imperfect circumstances in their lives.  When your sewing time is late at night or frantically finishing before Bible study time, a few imperfections will creep in. 🙂

I made a few extras, in case anyone new showed up, not wanting them to feel left out.  I didn’t mind that we didn’t have anyone new last night, though, because my children loved them, too!  They’ve been busily writing and drawing various things in them all day.

If you see some journal cover making in your future, you might want to check out these tutorials! They’re each slightly different; choose one that meets your needs, or meld a few together to get just what you want!

Journal Cover Tutorials

1. Tutorial from Bloom 2. Tutorial from Stitched in Color     3. Tutorial from Fairy Face Designs

4. Tutorial from Sewn Up by TeresaDownUnder  5.  Tutorial from Gabriel’s Good Tidings  6.  Tutorial from Sew Me Something Good