Why I’m turning off the comments.

In general, this is what bloggers look like when they see that people have not only READ their post, but have COMMENTED on it!!!!

How excited bloggers get when people comment

via -bartimaeus- on Flickr

Only those who are not bloggers will think I am exaggerating.  I’ve been one of these girls.  Don’t they look happy?  They are!  Happy is great!  But, happiness that is dependent upon validation from other people, whom I likely do not even know, is not very sustainable.  You might get many wonderful comments, and write something so incredible that it goes viral, and then, and THEN, the dregs of humanity will show up to your blog.  And they will comment.  And you will wish you had not wanted comments, because they will cause you to wonder if everyone is as ignorant as they.   You may begin to make plans for the extinction of humankind on earth, which is certainly at hand given the levels of ignorance you have now seen, and assume are prevalent.  You will certainly begin to wonder WHY you thought blogging was a good idea, as you respond to the same ridiculous comment for the one hundred and thirty second time.  You will also be perplexed and unable to discern why these people continue reading a blog which is entirely composed of ideas to which they are vehemently opposed.

You will certainly no longer be jumping for joy at each comment notification.

Now, for me?  I enjoy sharing some parts of my life with you.  I enjoy reading your stories that you share, too.  I’d like to continue to do that, without needing the validation of a comment on a post.  So, I am closing comments.  Here is what that means, and what it does NOT mean:

1.  It means that I am free to spend my limited blogging time composing posts, instead of responding to comments from people with whom I have no relationship whatsoever.  I also don’t have to sort through and delete the spam that occasionally gets through the filter.

2.  It does NOT mean that I don’t want to hear from and interact with YOU!  I most definitely do.  It is fun to build a little community on the internet, because we get to meet and chat with people with whom we would never have come in contact otherwise.  I am all in favor of that.  I want to do that, just not in the comments.  So, I have a new little page over on Google+ .  There’s actually a facebook page, too, but since so few people actually get those updates in their newsfeed, even though they’re fans, it isn’t a great place for forming  community anymore.

Want to talk about this post?  Or anything else?  Hop over to The Practical Perfeccionista on Google+, and let’s start building a community of recovering perfectionists. 🙂



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