Tiger Party Planning: The Supplies!

Tiger Party Panning Supplies

We’re at T minus six days for the tiger party for Miss Adventuress’ fifth birthday!  I’ve purchased almost all of the supplies we need for this party now!  I just shopped at Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart for this party.  We don’t go all-out on our parties, but we do enough to make the theme come through and to be sure that the party’s honoree feels extra loved and extra special!

So, we searched every aisle for tiger-themed supplies.  There is a TON of zebra and leopard print stuff out there right now, but tiger was harder!  You might want to steer your child toward an interest in African animals for their next party; it will make your life easier!

Here’s what we found:

  • Tiger print fabric
  • Tiger print small purses (meant for gift cards)
  • Tiger print ribbon
  • Tiger print and orange balloons
  • Orange and green streamers
  • Orange and green square paper plates (those are from Crate and Barrel; since we decide on the party theme early, I was able to tack those on to a Christmas order)
  • Green felt and colored pencils (for colored pencil roll favors)
  • Animal print notebooks (no tiger, but close enough for tired shoppers!)
  • Party hats to which we’ll add tiger stripes with markers
  • Striped socks for making sock monsters (we were hoping for tiger-print socks, but no luck!)
  • Green licorice
  • Circus peanuts
  • Orange slices
  • Green and orange bowls for serving snacks
  • Zebra striped cupcake liners…but we’re calling them white tiger stripes!

I still need orange and black plastic tablecloths, which I’ll pick up at Dollar General; lentils and/or rice for stuffing our sock monsters; candy to fill our ribbon piñata; and probably a few baking supplies.  I already have googly eyes and yarn for the sock monsters, and a box, ribbon, and half of an orange sheet I’ll use for the piñata.  I also have a Pinterest Party Board brimming with ideas from other great parties, some of which I’ll use!

It’s going to be a busy week!


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