Against all probabilities…

I have just finished making matching dresses for my girls.  I said I would never do this, given my own distaste for being dressed in matching velour dresses for many years with my own sister, but Miss Adventuress specifically requested it.  And Miss Braveheart is too young to mind, and was so eager to have her dress that I haven’t finished the inside seams yet.  But they’re happily running around in brilliant blue satin and organza, attached to jersey to make the dresses truly comfortable enough for everyday use.  I can already see that they’ll join the list of clothes worm immediately when they’re found in their pile of clean laundry.  I won’t mind at all. 🙂

It’s even sunny out today, though pretty cold; but they might be up for (i.e. able to be bribed) a photo shoot this afternoon.  We’ll hope for the best, but I long ago learned that with toddlers, there are no guarantees.

Now, please excuse me while I go cross “Never dress my daughters in matching clothes.” off of my list of unchangeable convictions.




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