Sneak Peek: The Everyday Princess Dress

It is what its name implies; a princess dress that is comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to wash, and thus suitable for everyday use.  We’re not much on frills and furbelows around here, but Miss E is almost five, and is expressing more interest in dresses.  The lack of long-sleeved dresses, and the price of the ones I liked, coupled with the ever-occurring thought “I could so do that myself!”, led to this!  Here’s a little sneak peek.  I’m taking lots of pictures so I can post a tutorial, in case you have your own little princesses to dress. 🙂  Did I mention that it is super simple to sew, too?  If you can iron and sew a few straight lines, this dress is easily in your reach.  You won’t even have to use or draft a pattern!  Just wait for the tutorial. 🙂

In Process: The Everyday Princess Dress


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