Meet Rita, our Christmas mouse

Rita the Christmas Mouse

Rita has arrived!  She was hoping to be here at the beginning of Advent, but only her husband Ramón (currently unavailable for a photo) came then.  Rita was still visiting some of our friends in México.

Rita the Christmas Missionary Mouse

Ramón and Rita are missionary mice, and they’ve come to teach us about life in other countries, and help us know how to pray for them.  G and E used their doll furniture to make them little houses, and corresponded with them via mouse mail prior to their arrival.

Rita the Christmas Mouse Cooking

We all know it’s pretend, but we’re having lots of fun!  Rita and Ramón might get into a little mischief, such as some neighborhood elves have been up to…we’ll see :).  I’ll share more about what Rita and Ramón are sharing with us soon!

Rita the Christmas Mouse Washing Dishes

Rita was my very first stuffed animal, which is pretty evident if you look closely, but we love her!  And, I am pretty proud of her.  She was a suit jacket in her former life!  She is a strong proponent of upcycling.  You can find the free pattern from Ric Rac I used, and make one yourself!

Rita the Christmas Mouse dancing


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