Polar Birthday Party

This party was for my sweet E on her 4th birthday.  It was SO much fun to put together!  I had to keep a lot of things simpler than I had planned, because I had a six-month-old baby who wasn’t doing a lot of sleeping by herself yet.  But I was still really pleased with how it turned out, and decided that the extra effort wouldn’t have been worth it, anyway!  I loved the winter theme, and more importantly, Miss E was in love with her party.  And THAT is what counts.

The hanging decorations are foam snowflakes taped to fishing line, and hanging candle holders from CB2.  Those hanging candle holders are always there, but worked into this party décor very nicely!

The snow jars are simply glass food jars with diluted glue brushed on, then rolled in Epsom salts.  Stick a small candle inside, and you have an instant winter atmosphere!

Muddy buddies, or Puppy chow, with lots of powdered sugar to make it white like snow!

Peanut butter balls, also rolled in powdered sugar…

Mini cupcakes with foil liners, blue icing (using Wilton icing colors), and snowflake sprinkles stuck in while the icing was soft.

Random glass candle holders with white tapers…

And the cake.  Oh, the cake!  She specifically requested a polar bear ON TOP OF AN IGLOO.  She knew what she wanted, alright!  So, a cake baked in a pyrex bowl + a cake in a 9×13 rectangular pan + icing + marshmallow fondant + Swedish fish gummies = her perfect party cake. 🙂

I wanted to make sugar cookies, but this was one of the shortcuts I took.  I just piped frosting onto vanilla sandwich cookies.  And, what is more festive than blue jello?!  It’s also my favorite flavor.  A note on the jello: I saw an idea to put the Swedish fish IN the jello, and I tried that, BUT, listen closely here, DO NOT DO IT!!!!  They get all slimy and disintegrate and it’s perfectly disgusting.  Take my word for it, no matter how cute it is for the first 15 minutes, you will regret it. 🙂

A friendly snowman made of rice crispy treats…because those are super quick to make!  A little frosting, a few sprinkles, and finished!  And it was a huge favorite, too.

Around here, it isn’t a birthday party if there isn’t a piñata!  A polar bear was requested for this one.  I put two layers of newspaper and one layer of white copy paper, with cooked flour-water paste (1 cup: 4 cups).  It was perfect, and I didn’t even have to paint it!

Getting ready to be hung up….

And whacked!  While singing the official piñata song, of course!

And sometimes, despite your best efforts, the piñata gets knocked down before all of the candy comes out.  No worries, just dump it.  The kids will still swarm all over it and leave happy. 🙂  And you will remind your husband to NOT let the kids hit the top of the piñata!


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