Build, build, paint, paint!

Wall Bookshelf BoardsI love building.  It’s a new-found love, since no one thought I should be around power tools.  It still makes my husband a little nervous.  But he showed me how to use them, and sometimes when he comes home from work, he finds out that I have been busy!

I didn’t have to cut these particular boards, though.  They are going to be 8-foot long ledge bookshelves, per this [free] Ana White plan.  I’m painting them white, and they will look spectacular on my newly Jamaican Blue (Behr paint) wall in the living room.  Spectacular is definitely the right word.

Before I can paint, though, I have a little knot and hole filling to do!

Filling HolesIt’s easy.  Buy a little tiny bucket of wood filler, scoop some out, smash it in, and let it dry.  Later, sand it smooth!  A word of advice: do NOT buy the wood filler in a tube.  It looks convenient.  It seems that you will not have messy fingers.  It is DECEPTIVE.  It does not come out of that little tube without Herculean squeezing efforts, and you will end up cutting open the tube and scooping it out with your finger anyway.  Sometimes, things that SEEM like excellent ideas actually are NOT.  This is one of those times, trust me.

Wood fillerSo, fill in those knots and any other little holes you might have in your boards, and then you will be ready for primer!  Kilz Latex is my go-to primer; easy on the nose, but still great coverage!  I even bought the special deal on the 3 gallon bucket last week, because this isn’t all I’m painting!

I’m also working on:

Doll bedThe doll bed!  I cut the boards for this [also Ana White] project back in January, out in the carport, at 11pm.  It was the only free time I had, and I hope the neighbors forgave me for using the saw at that time of night.  I know they thought I was crazy…and there may be some truth in that!  I finally got the pieces all screwed together, a process which took longer than it should have because a few of those cuts I made with slightly-frostbitten fingers were not QUITE as precise as they might have been.  Word of advice, get those cuts EXACTLY right!  Also, don’t do it in the middle of the night in January.  Unless your little girl begs you, in which case you may have no other option. 🙂

So, fill those screw holes, which are nicely countersunken.  I hear a Kreg Jig is awesome, eliminating the use of the super-easy-to-break countersink drill bit, but I don’t have one yet.  It’s highly recommended, though!

Filling holes in doll bedFill any little gaps you might have from less-than-precise cuts, too.  This is where you will really wish you had NOT been cutting so quickly due to frigid temperatures and lack of a warm workspace.

And don’t forget to fill the holes in:

Doll bed trundleThe doll bed trundle, too!  This slides right underneath the other doll bed.  It’s like bunk beds when you need them, and less space used when you don’t!  These are sized to fit 18″ dolls, but I happen to know that they withstand the weight and force of one-year-old babies who weigh in at the 75th percentile, as well.  Just like all doll strollers should be capable of supporting the weight of real baby younger siblings, so too the doll bed!

And then there’s the chest I built for my husband…but it hasn’t made it out to the garage to be painted just yet.  No one has finished painting these other projects!  Any volunteers?  I remember now that I’m not a huge fan of painting…


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