No rot in my bones today!

Today I am content.  I am going to bed in a few minutes, and my dining room/kitchen, which is what I will see first when I get up in the morning, looks like this:

Clean slate for a peaceful morning

It’s been a disaster, you know.  If you’ve been reading very long, you really do know.  I posted a picture once of it in its worst state.  I’m not even linking to it, it’s too embarrassing.  You’ll have to go back a few posts to find it yourself if you really must. 🙂  There’s so much perfect-ness floating around blog land, and Pinterest, that I wanted to share a real-life mess.  Disaster-type mess.  It happens.  Thankfully, it hasn’t been happening around here anymore, though.  Not that every dish is always washed before I go to bed, because it isn’t, but sometimes it is.

You know what that does for me?  It gives me peace when I wake up in the morning.  I don’t have to wash a pan to make breakfast.  I don’t stress trying to figure out when I’ll clean up in between homeschooling and irregular (and short) baby naps, and Wal-Mart and library trips, and those little emergencies that show up.  I start my day with peace.

It’s a gift to myself of immeasurable worth.

It keeps my bones from rotting.

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.”

That’s from Proverbs.  14:30, to be specific.  I much prefer a heart at peace.  And I must say, having my kitchen counters clean is what gives me peace in the morning.  Everyone has one thing that makes them feel better about life.  Some people need to make their beds.  Others sweep the floor.  Some need a shiny sink.  Me?  I need a clean kitchen counter.IMG_1533[1]

I didn’t try to make this photo perfect for you.  There’s a bowl of blue fish tank gravel on the counter, waiting for me to put it in the new fish tank.  I don’t have the new fish tank because I haven’t returned the leaky one yet.  That bowl of fish tank gravel has been on my counter for almost two months.  Perhaps it counts as decorative now?

There’s a pile of stuff on the floor.  This is what I found that belongs to my children when I swept.  I leave it in a pile, they know exactly what to pick up before we start school in the morning.  It works.

There’s a baby swing by the stove.  That’s where it lives.  Not the best for traffic flow, but excellent for letting the little one listen to the dishwasher or the dryer while she {hopefully} sleeps by herself.  Real life, people.

You’ll find plenty of other imperfections.  You don’t really even have to search for them.  The important thing is that my counters are clean enough to give me peace.  And they won’t give salmonella to anyone.  That also contributes to the peace of mind. 🙂

I’m not going to let my bones rot with envy of the super-organized, uber-clean kitchens I see around.  How will I clean my own kitchen with rotten bones?  More importantly, how will I throw a football with my son?  Carry my baby?  Play kitchen and market with my little girl?  Hug my husband?  Envy and its partner in crime, discontent, sap my energy, and rot my bones.  I don’t have time for it.

I’m persevering in the path that leads to peace.  I’m tuning out the perfection in favor of the practical.  I’m determined, and with a lot of grace, I’ll make it.



2 thoughts on “No rot in my bones today!

  1. Thank you so much for your REALness! I love this post and thank you for the reminder too. This was my first time visiting your site and I love your tut’s and style. I happened upon you while looking for some Tee shirt rePurposing project inspirations.

    Personally, I can not believe that more Mom’s have not commented below in support of you! YOU said it ALL so beautifully, thank you. I struggled with the same thing after my daughter came. It did not take me long to re-organize my priorities. Teaching my daughter her ABC’s, reading her favorite book to her- again, for the 10th time this week- because she loves it so. Those dishes would be there when I got to them OR the laundry would get put away some time? Now, at 7 years old, we still play but she loves to “help” me get the chores done so we can have play time together!
    There is a LOT of perfectionism shown out there. We as women need to remember that these posts, pics, etc. are just “snippets” of the whole story! Real families do not live like they are in a “photo shoot”?

    In the end, you will never say “Gee, I wish I would have kept my home spotless!”

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