Penguin Paralysis.

It kind of sounds like an awareness campaign, doesn’t it?  But it isn’t the penguins who are paralyzed, it’s me!  Paralyzed by a penguin.  A stuffed penguin, at that.  Ready to see the culprit?  Here he is…or she?  I’ll have to ask my daughter…

Penguin Stuffed Animal Storage

lt’s an innocent-enough looking penguin, right?  I’ve been wanting to show him to you since I made it last spring…and I just never found an opportunity to take pictures!  It was the next blog post I wanted to write, but no pictures so…paralysis!  I also wanted to go back and make a tutorial, but I’ve decided to recognize that I simply don’t have time for a tutorial right now.

Prior to this penguin, we were having a stuffed animal issue.  I’d been storing them in the metal buckets, as I showed you a while back, but my daughter was having a hard time putting them back into the buckets.  Thus, we ended up with this:


On a good day when they were all piled together, of course!  So, in my nesting phase I found some felt that I’d bought, and got busy making a penguin pillow!  The stuffed animals are the stuffing for the pillow, so you end up with one giant pillow, and all of the stuffed animals are contained!


We usually keep the penguin lying down, but you can stand him up, too.  If you plan on standing him up, I would add some interfacing to the felt before you sew it together, so that it will be stiffer.  Otherwise, he kind of slouches. 🙂


He’s also great for hugs…and tackling, which is what happened right after this next picture was taken!


I’m not going to have time to put up a tutorial on this for a while, but here is the basic process, if you’d like to make one yourself!

1.  Decide what shape you want the pillow to be.  Make a pattern on wrapping paper (or newspaper, or whatever you have!).

2.  Cut out your pattern pieces, pin them to felt (or other fabric), and cut them out, being sure to leave a seam allowance.  The felt, which is just felt by the yard purchased at Hancock fabrics, has held up well since May.  I wouldn’t use a quilting cotton without interfacing, but any heavy fabric would work for this.

3.  If you want the pillow form to be a bit stiffer, add interfacing.

4.  Sew the two sides of the pillow, individually –  if you want the pattern on both sides, be sure they’re mirror images.

5.  Decide how thick you want the pillow to be.  Mine is 6″ thick.  Cut a long strip of felt (or your other chosen fabric) that is 1″ wider than you want the pillow’s thickness, for the seam allowances.

6.  Sew the long strip to the top pillow piece, right sides facing.

7.  Decide where you want to put your zipper.  Put it in the middle of the long strip, so that it will be on the side. I used a 9″ zipper, but I would recommend using a 12″ zipper.  Care Bears’ heads just fit through my opening, and a 12″ opening would have made it even easier for my daughter to put away her animals by herself.

8.  After sewing in the zipper, sew the bottom pillow piece to the long strip of felt, right sides facing.  Be sure to leave the zipper OPEN for turning it.

9.  Turn your pillow right side out through the zipper.  Your pillow is finished!

10. Stuff it with stuffed animals, and let your little one take a nap on it, tackle it, or just chill.

If you make a stuffed animal pillow similar to this, I’d love to see it!


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