Real Madrid Soccer Birthday Party

I happen to have a 6-year old who LOVES Real Madrid…

can you tell?!  It was his requested theme for his birthday party this year.  I was 9 months pregnant for this party, and while I wanted to make it special, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go all out.  The homemaker-of-the-year party was definitely out of reach for me, so I settled for a normal-people-can-do-this party.  And guess what?  G still loved it.  I call that a double win!

We started out playing some soccer in the back yard, and doing some wacky relays with soccer balls…walking with it in between your knees, kicking it while walking like a crab…whatever we could come up with!  When we got thirsty, we grabbed some of these:

I loved how simple it was to make these water bottle decorations and tape them on, and how much that added to the party theme!

We had dinner…again, simple…are you seeing a pattern?  We try not to eat many hot dogs normally, so G and E always pick chili dogs for their parties.  People are going to think that’s all we know how to cook!  It makes them happy, though, and it’s easy to prep and have ready to go, so I’m sticking with it!  Hot dogs, chili, fruit, veggies, chips…perfect!  I even chose fruits and vegetables that didn’t require much, if any, chopping up – grapes, baby carrots, celery in large pieces…simple!  And still delicious. 🙂

After dinner, it was time for the piñata!  I’d hoped to paint the Real Madrid symbol on it, but we ran out of time.  We stll had fun with the giant soccer ball!  I made it the same way I’ve made our other piñatas, with a punch ball and papier mache.  I used three coats of paper, two of newspaper and one of white printer paper, and a cooked flour-water paste.  It was perfect for not having to paint the white on the soccer ball, and was just strong enough to let everyone have a turn hitting it before we let the biggest kids loose, and they were able to break it.  It didn’t fall off of the hanger before it broke either, which has been known to happen!

Ah, the broken piñata…and the consequences!  I love when the adults jump in the fray as well!  We like candy just as much as our children, right?

After a few piñatas, you learn that the chidren really need something in which to put all of that candy, and you are smart enough to pass out the favor bags before you begin hitting the piñata!

And again…simple!  I struggle with favor bags, because I feel like sometimes we just put junk in there, junk that is going to be smashed, lost, and/or thrown away by tomorrow.  I also like to keep the expenditures as low as possible.  What to do?  For this favor bag, we made two big batches of homemade playdough, blue and yellow (some of Real Madrid’s team colors), and wrapped up 1/2 cup balls in plastic wrap, tied with Real Madrid-colored ribbons.  I also made some super simple little pouches that held 6-7 crayons, out of some soccer fabric I already had, and included one of the super inexpensive mini sports notebooks I found at Wal-Mart.  Print off the soccer balls and glue them to regular brown paper sacks, and you have favor bags!  They’re not going to win any awards in blog land, but the kids were pleased, and had enough candy that they didn’t care too much what else was in the bag anyway!

After the piñata, it was obviously time for CAKE!  Two chocolate 9×13 cakes, one on top of the other, formed the field.  Marshmallow fondant colored green, and white icing for piping the field lines and words.

We copied pictures of the players from the Real Madrid website to a Word file, typed their names and positions below their pictures, and printed them out!  Then we cut them out, taped them to toothpicks, and let G put them wherever he desired on the cake!  That was one of the highlights of the party for him.

I always love the dessert tables I see at parties…at least, the ones in blogland…and wanted to do something similar, but not labor intensive.  Cups of green jello with soccer balls taped to toothpicks fit the description!  And I got to use these little mini dishes I picked up on super clearance at Pier 1 a while back!  Always check that clearance spot thoroughly!

The oreos were originally going to have Real Madrid symbols on them, but then I came to my senses and piped a quick “6” for the birthday boy on top instead.

And instead of makng sugar cookies to decorate, and I went with rice crispy treats – much faster, equally easy to cut with a cookie cutter!  I have to say, though, putting icing soccer balls on cakes or cookies is a pain in the backside!  Only intense love for my son could have kept me going with that decorating after the first one 🙂

And one more view…we had a great party, and G felt celebrated and loved; and that is the whole point, right?!

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