Friday Flop: Grilled Pizza

It’s hot.  Have you noticed?  I dislike using my oven when it’s hot, but we wanted pizza!  I use my grill and slow cooker as much as possible during the summer, and had been contemplating trying pizza on the grill.  Kojo Design’s post on grilled pizza sealed the deal.  I made two pizzas, one on the grill, and one in the oven, just in case I ran out of propane, as my husband warned me we were probably low.  [Sidenote: WHY isn’t there some kind of indicator on those tanks to let you know you’re going to run out right in the middle of grilling chicken?]

Here’s the grilled pizza:

And proof that you can make anything look decent in blog land, because that pizza really looks like this on the other side:

Shall we call it charred pizza?  Burnt and inedible pizza?  I’m not sure if it’s because I had a different definition of a “hot grill”, or it was a difference in the crust recipe, but 9 minutes on one side was obviously just a tad too much. 🙂

Definitely a Friday flop.  Thank heaven the other pizza in the oven was delicious, even if it did heat up the house more than I like!  It was worth it for homemade pizza.


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