Children’s art project = home decor

My children are constantly creating works of art, and of course they want them displayed!  There’s only so much 3-year-old artwork I want to hang in my living room, but I want them to feel that I value their talents and effort.  The most recent solution to this dilemma?  This fish wall art!

 I’ve had these bamboo rods up since last fall, and have been trying to change the hangings seasonally.  These are just two sticks of bamboo (easy to find around here) painted black and hung with double curtain rod holders from West Elm, which happened to be on clearance for under $5 for both!

I hung painted pinecones in the  fall, ornaments for Christmas, snowflakes for the rest of winter …and, well, snowflakes for spring too, if you must know :).  I had to get those snowflakes down, but was stumped about what to put up for summer.  Somehow I stumbled onto this fish/ocean idea, and decided it would be finished much more quickly if I let the children help!  They were thrilled with the idea and went straight to work.

Even better?  This project was completely free!  I had everything on hand.  Here’s the process I followed, should you want your own ocean scene!

1) Print out fish outlines, preferably onto cardstock.

2) Trace outlines onto inside of cereal boxes.

3) Cut out fish, and paint/decorate as desired. We used washable paints, puff paint, and googly eyes.

4) Tape fish onto blue ribbon to hang.

5) Make algae/ocean plants.  Using green yarn, crochet a chain of 80-120.  Turn, and crochet two half-double crochets in every other hole, all the way down the length of the chain.  This will make it curl.

6)  Hang and enjoy!

 Wouldn’t this be fun to hang in a window with tissue paper fish?  You could trace the fish outlines onto contact paper, and sandwich tissue paper squares in between two layers of clear contact paper for a stained glass look!

If you have more ideas for incorporating children’s artwork into your home decor, please share!



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