Meal Prep Boxes: Making Dinner Feels Like a Vacation!


by The Practical Perfeccionista

We live near the beach now, and are taking advantage of it; we try to spend a full week each year enjoying a relaxing vacation there. The island we stay on is made up of private rentals; no hotels! All have fully-functioning kitchens, which I love, because I get tired of eating out very quickly.

But who wants to cook on vacation?! Not me! The compromise? Figure out a way to making the daily task of cooking dinner feel like vacation! Mission accomplished thanks to a trusty slow cooker and seven oh-so-simple (and inexpensive!) meal prep boxes!

by The Practical Perfeccionista

Seven 97 cent shoebox-sized containers at Wal-Mart + day of the week labels.

I first did this for our vacation a year and a half ago, and loved it so much, I decided it would be worth doing at home also!  Except, I didn’t.  Until now, of course.  I wish I’d used these again sooner; it’s so nice knowing that all of the meals for the week are planned and prepped!

What’s inside each box? The recipe card with that day’s dinner, plus all of the ingredients pre-measured and ready to go (minus refrigerated items, of course; but I pre-measured and pre-mixed those where possible as well, and just labeled the container in the refrigerator).

When we’re on vacation, I use more disposable baggies; at home, I use reusable containers for ingredients. In each of these boxes, I included a slip of paper with the day’s dinner recipe, any prep that should be done earlier in the day, and a note about what I should take out of the freezer to have ready for the next day’s dinner.

An hour or two one day a week to plan and prep the ingredients, and suddenly the never-ending chore of making dinner feels like vacation! Plus, you realize BEFORE you start making dinner than, inexplicably, you’re completely out of paprika. And, you used up all of the potatoes last night. No more ruined dinner plans because you were out of an ingredient that you ALWAYS have on hand!

It’s working for me this week! If it sounds like something that might work for you, give it a try! And if you’d like to use the same labels, feel free

to print the ones below. There are English and Spanish versions; use whichever you like!












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