Completing a 15-year-old project…

Fifteen years ago, I received the gift for which I had been longing: a giant 2′ x 3′ box with thousands of tiny pieces.  My overambitiousness is deeply rooted.  Fourteen and a half years later, the box was in pristine condition…with all of the pieces still inside.

But no more!  It has become this!


It hasn’t a speck of paint or decoration on it yet, but it is completely assembled!!! (Minus hanging the doors, which requires some minute hinges I have not picked up yet.)   You are SUPPOSED to paint it prior to assembly, but I knew that was never going to happen; that’s why it sat around for fifteen years!  It would probably look better painted beforehand, but I am not building it as a showpiece; it’s going to be used!

The living room even serves a double purpose as a garage, perfect for storing backhoes and bulldozers.

It isn’t perfect.  It might be destroyed.  I’m okay with this.  Better loved and lost than perfect yet forlorn in a box.

Don’t be on the lookout for a designer dollhouse when this is decorated.  The children have requested to help paint it, and why not?  We’ll get out all of our favorite colors and brushes and go for it.  A perfectly decorated dollhouse has nothing on the one they decorate themselves, and the joy of the memories created while painting the kitchen six different colors that merged into gray.  (It hasn’t happened yet, but it is a likely scenario, isn’t it?)  If we decide we want the “perfect” dollhouse, we’ll repaint later.  Take that, perfectionism!

After fifteen years, it’s time to just enjoy the gift.


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