Sometimes, to get a clean house you have to throw a party.

It worked for me at least! My house was in a serious backslide after being in good condition for a while. I kept telling myself that if I would just do a little extra each day, it would get back to a nice, decently clean state. BUT…it didn’t! For me, I needed to put in the effort of a couple of hours’ work to get everything picked up and put away and decently sanitized to bring back my sanity and peace. I couldn’t, however, motivate myself to do it! So, I gave myself an excuse: a party! We had a super fun little gathering last night, and I am happy to say that the house was decently (though not perfectly) clean, and that I was motivated by that to be sure to finish the party clean up last night, giving me the blessing of a nice, picked-up house on Mother’s Day! Really, the difference in how I feel starting the day with a messy, cluttered house and a (mostly) neat house is extraordinary.
So, if you are like me and need a semi-clean slate to begin or jump back into regular cleaning routines, find an excuse to make it happen!
A party worked for me. And the bonus? My husband was inspired to lend a hand, since it was for a good cause :).

In other good news, my new camera charger will be here by Wed., so I can share some pictures of recent projects!


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