Decorated Paper Baskets, for Easter or otherwise!

In discussing the Easter egg hunt we were to participate in yesterday afternoon, my son reminded me that he was going to need some kind of basket to carry the eggs!  He wasn’t picky, he thought a Wal-Mart sack would work well.  He couldn’t really figure out what hunting eggs had to do with Jesus’ resurrection, but he knew there would be candy in those eggs, and that was enough motivation to find something to carry them home!  🙂

Of course, the plastic sack would have served his purpose, and served it well, but I thought it would be more fun to turn it into a little mini-project using paper lunch sacks…and equally FREE!  He chose to decorate his with markers, and it was beautiful, though I do not have a photo to share right now.  I do, however, have my daughter’s basket, with which she was absolutely THRILLED.  Sometimes a paper sack, a bit of craft foam, and some polka-dot ribbon is all it takes to make a little girl’s day.  I love those days :).

Inspired by Martha.  Partying at Today’s Creative Blog.


One thought on “Decorated Paper Baskets, for Easter or otherwise!

  1. When we were kids we never had easter baskets. My mom would go get white paper bags from the bakery around the corner and decorate them for us for Easter. I LOVED the tradition and think of it every time I see a white bakery bag.

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