Complete: The Pot Holder-Turned-Mug Rug!

Remember the pot holder progress I shared?  Well, I lied.  Unintentionally, of course.   It simply wasn’t meant to be a pot holder…after I forgot to add the batting before quilting, that is!  I was sure to add a square of denim from some old jeans to make it thicker and more heat-resistant, but without the additional batting, I was afraid my sister would burn herself if she attempted to use it as a pot holder!  Plus, I had NO idea how to add a loop when you are using quilt binding for a pot holder, and I seem to consider that little loop as necessary to the integrity of the pot holder. 

As I looked at my no-longer-pot holder, however, I saw a new possibility, and one I had been wanting to attempt: the famous mug rug!  If you’re not sure what a mug rug is, you should hop over to Mug Rug Madness at Two More Seconds

This was my first attempt at anything quilt-like, and it really is just a tiny little quilt.  From a distance, it looks perfect…up close, you may note a few {minor} flaws!  I am satisfied, however, and should my sister dislike it for any reason, it would find a very happy home in my kitchen. 

You can see how this evolved by going back to these in-progress posts!

Mug Rug Progress

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