In Pursuit of a Party

Some weeks are spent purely in preparation for a big event; in this case, a little birthday party for my now 2yo daughter!  Sometimes the party planner is a procrastinator, causing them to have to work every available second, and have little time for breathing, much less documentation in pictures!  I did, however, manage to grab these:

My 2yo LOVES animals, and her favorite at the zoo this past year has been the lions!  This is her piñata for this year; she loved it!  It’s a simple papier mache piñata, with three layers of paper (two newspaper, one of white copy paper to make printing easier).  It isn’t quite round, but it is the first of the three piñatas I’ve made that didn’t lose its hook before it broke open!  I count it a success.  It did require one of the moms to break it after all of the children had a chance, but they were small and she only had to give it three good whacks to open it up!  If you’re interested in making your own piñata, I recommend perusing The Piñata Boy’s website.  It’s not thoroughly organized, but it has excellent information.

It’s not an excellent shot, but I was trying to sing the piñata song, plus clap, plus take the picture, while holding my 2yo, who refused to hit her own piñata.  She might have loved it too much :).  And no, the piñata stick isn’t decorated as it should be for a proper party, but again, procrastination on my part.  I’m properly ashamed, I promise.

I had grand ideas for party decorations and activities with animal themes, but very few came to fruition due to…yes, you guessed it, my procrastination.  I didn’t want to start too early and make my children very annoyed with all the party prep, but I overcompensated and began a bit late, especially considering that a good chunk of my time was dedicated to the thorough cleaning my house needed before all of the guests arrived.  Thankfully, my focus on routines in January (for my Domestic 2011) made the cleaning much easier than it would have been otherwise.  Still, I have a little way to go before I reach the goal of being company ready within fifteen minutes.  Back to the decorations: these are the tissue paper pom poms that were completed, and which my daughter LOVED.  Simple, inexpensive, and only moderately time consuming.  It would have been easier if I could have worked on them after the children were sleeping, but the fluffing of the tissue paper was too loud for me to be able to do that.  They imparted a very festive atmosphere with little effort, which was exactly what I needed.   Feel free to check out Martha’s official tutorial, or search for a tissue paper pom pom tutorial and you’ll find plenty.  My only tips to add: do form the wire into a loop for hanging before fluffing the pom pom, and do go ahead and tie a length of fishing line to that loop PRIOR to fluffing as well.  It can be hard to find that loop once your pom pom is fluffed!

And now, for my Yankee friends, a little foretaste of what is certainly in your almost-immediate future:

I know how February can be, being a displaced Yankee myself, so I thought you might appreciate a little breath of spring.  If you are currently in the blizzard and this makes you want to throw your computer against the wall, rather than imparting the hope intended, I do apologize, and really can’t be held responsible for the consequences.  🙂

If you’re still considering causing harm to something within arm’s reach, please do not scroll down, but instead choose another lovely post to read, which I promise will have no pictures of spring.

May you bask in the warmth of spring sunshine very soon!

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2 thoughts on “In Pursuit of a Party

  1. Amazing, two pinatas this week on Craft Schooling Sunday just when i needed the push to finish the ones I started with my kids last week! Love the lion, simple and cute. thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday, and reminding me to decorate the stick for our Purim Pinata party. all the best!

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