The result of a high level of distractibility…

is many partially-finished projects!  If you recall, I have several urgent projects on my plate at the moment.  The good news is, I’m making progress!  The bad news is, none of them are completely finished!  I have a tendency to work on one, get distracted by another, remember that third one and decide it would be more fun, need a little snack after all that work, hear a child wake up and lose half an hour of productivity (though gaining half an hour of more important time with my little ones)….you know how it goes!  Well, maybe you do…perhaps I just lack perseverance.  I’m working on it though, especially since I’ve been talking about it with my son quite a bit recently.  He seems to have inherited my inability to persevere through the not-so-fun parts of the project in order to finish, opting instead to move on to a fresh project and work on it until it is no longer fun.  Who knew that was genetic?  Unless it falls in the “nurture” category, which would mean he LEARNED it…from ME!  I think it’s genetic.  In any case, we’re both improving!

Here are the preliminary results of our perseverance:


And the crayon notebook update:  I made one, and look, it’s beautiful…

UNTIL you put the crayons inside, that is!

at which point it bunches up, and the front cover is smaller than the back, so it looks very funny!  I’m working on the second version, however, in which I’ve *hopefully* solved the problem!

I’ve pleated the crayon openings, so they don’t stretch when crayons are inserted.  I think this will resolve my issues (with ironing, of course)!  I certainly hope so, because these fabrics are waiting to become crayon notebooks…by the end of next week!   Obviously, the recipients of most of these notebooks will be boys!

Hoping to show you some finished projects soon!  And, I still have three tutorials to post that I’ve promised…I’m working on those as well!


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