A Domestic 2011: January Conclusions

January has been…a success!  My Domestic 2011 focus this month was getting household routines established for me.  I haven’t been able to execute ALL of my Daily Dottie routines in one day yet, but I’m getting very close!  And most of these routines have become a habit for me.  My day goes SO MUCH more smoothly when I’ve finished all of my routines the night before!  The difference is great enough that I should never lack motivation to plunge right into my routines, but at the end of the day, sometimes I still do!  I’m looking forward to days this month in which every circle on my Daily Dottie is filled in!

Now, on to February!  This month’s focus is Meal Planning by the Food Pyramid.  I’ll be concentrating on planning meals a week at a time, and making those meals more balanced.  I don’t expect we’ll be eating completely balanced meals every day by March 1, but I do expect that we’ll be eating better than we are today!  The goal is to make notable progress, NOT to be perfect!  I have to continue to remind myself… 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll let you peek at my list of projects for February; it’s a little overwhelming, but I’m going to take it one project at a time, and I believe I can accomplish them all by March!  My first project will be food prep boxes; I need a much  more exciting name for these, because they are going to be a super sanity saver, and essential to balanced diets around here.  I’m off to dream up a spectacular name for these little guys…


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