A dilemma…

I’m in a quandary.  I really want to make a market for my children; we already have a shopping cart, cash register, play food, and many boxes and cans I’ve saved after cooking dinner!  I was going to find an inexpensive three-shelf bookcase, and then also set up a countertop consisting of two small closetmaid shelves (functioning as legs) with a board across the top.  And I have some ideas for making the conveyor belt! 

BUT…I ran across this on Craigslist:

image 2160441997-0

It’s an entertainment center, obviously.  But use your imagination.  I would paint it white (to fit better in my daughter’s room).  The glass door would enclose the dairy case.  The center would be the checkout counter.  Below the counter would be food items for sale.   Above the counter will hang a sign.  The right end FOLDS OUT and has shelves galore for all the rest of the food for the market…and it’s $60!  It will cost me more than that to get the supplies for my original idea.  PLUS, don’t you think this would be an amazing puppet theater, when not in use as a market?  Or a television studio, perfect for pretending you’re on the air?

The dilemma…this entertainment center is LARGE!  It’s five feet wide!  Four feet tall, and 20″ deep.  It wouldn’t be a big deal if we had a basement…but we don’t.  I might have space for it in my daughter’s room, if I get rid of another armoire currently there.  Remember the armoire for which I made the little dragonfly knobs?  I was contemplating getting rid of it anyway, actually…though I’m definitely putting the original knobs back on… 🙂

What do you think?  Would it be worth it to get this entertainment center and turn it into five feet of market???  Comments welcome, my deadline for deciding whether or not to go take a look at this in person is tomorrow!  I want to have my market ready soon, February’s Domestic 2011 focus is food, and I have plans for the kids to Mbe a part of the fun this month!

UPDATE: I did it. My awesome husband went and picked it up yesterday, and it is already full of food.  (As in, I save empty boxes and cans, clean them up, and let the children have them for their market – they love it because it’s REAL, I love it because it’s FREE!)  It’s caused me to rearrange my living room, office area, family room, and dining room so far.  So, once the chaos from that rearranging (and inevitable overdue dusting and sorting) settles down, I’ll give you a peek at our new supermarket.  It’s pretty sweet.  And since it’s going in the living room, it matches the wood color pretty well and I don’t have to paint it.  Even better.


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