No-Sew Map Bunting…plus a peek at our kid space

We make many projects at our house, all of them precious, and all of which we are required to keep FOREVER.  We also have to display them.  But where am I to put all the duck, crabs, frogs, etc. we accumulate in only a week or two?

Enter the Map Bunting Project Line!

I love maps, and never throw any away.  It actually hurt a little to cut these up, but it was for a good cause!  Plus, I had duplicates :).  I used three fold-up maps; two state road maps, and one that came in a magazine (I think).   With those maps, I made this bunting plus another that is twice as long, for another project that is in the works.

To make them, I opened them up the maps and ironed them.  It won’t take out the deep creases from the folds, but it makes the rest nice and smooth.  Place a thin cloth on top of the map while ironing to avoid burning it. 

Next, I cut along the fold lines, length-wise.  This left me with strips that were about eight inches wide.  I folded each strip in half, and then cut triangles to give it the bunting shape.  I left about one inch at the top (fold at the top) uncut, so that it could be hung and wouldn’t rip.

I laid out the strips I would need for this bunting, and taped them together at the ends.  Then I cut a length of fishing line that was as long as the bunting, plus 12″ on each end.  When you hang the bunting, it will need to be tight, because the weight of clothespins and projects later will allow it to sag a little in the middle. 

I then opened up the bunting pieces, and slid the fishing wire inside, so that it was against the fold.  Once the fishing line is in, I glued the triangular ends of the bunting together.  I tried gluing first and then threading the fishing line through, but I do NOT recommend that method!

I hung the bunting from nails, which were nailed INTO STUDS.  You really should nail or screw into studs with this project if possible, due to the weight from projects and clips.  If you can’t, be sure to use screws with anchors (for drywall), that will hold sufficient weight. 

I tried putting the nail up and then tying the fishing line around it, but that was difficult because the line is slick.  I ended up holding the bunting up against the nail, marking the spot with my finger, and then tying the knot around the pencil.  I slipped the pencil out of the knot, then slipped the knot over the nail – it was MUCH easier!

Finish by hanging the projects with clothespins, or any other clips you may have!  I bought a $0.99 pack of 50 at Wal-Mart,and spray painted mine to make them a little more fun!

And here is our lovely bunting in our school/play room!  There’s more to this room, but it’s not all presentable at the moment, so you’ll have to wait to see the rest. 🙂 

Did you notice our Visual Schedule down along the left?  We really, really love it!  But the bunting really makes the room, and my children are so proud to see their projects displayed so prominently!

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