Blogger’s Pillow Party!

Have you heard about the pillow party hosted by Rachel at Stitched in Color

I’m entering my hand towel pillow this month! 

There are some spectacular pillows partying over there this month, and my little pillow wanted to join the fun!

I made this pillow for a very long train trip we took in December, as part of a travel blanket/pillow set.  The blanket is in the background, but it isn’t actually finished yet so it hasn’t been blogged!  The pillow wraps up in the blanket, which has straps, and the whole thing becomes a soft little package that can be thrown over a shoulder.  It definitely made sleeping on the train much more plausible! 

This was the pillow and blanket for my little girl; next month, I’ll share the pillow and blanket for my little boy!  And hopefully I’ll get the binding on his blanket, so I can share the whole travel pillow/blanket set!

I’ve already posted the tutorial for this hand towel pillow, which can be whipped up in one evening easily, and is soft, sturdy, and portable!  Plus, it’s full of love for the recipient, which is what makes all the difference.

Don’t forget to add your own pillow to Rachel’s Blogger Pillow Party!!!


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