Progress…both domestic and sewing!

First, the domestic:

Yes, that’s my daily dottie with four dots filled in – for routines done intentionally and on schedule!  I didn’t want to do them, either.  In fact, I just folded the laundry so I could fill in my dot and take the picture.  Now I can fill in my “blog” dot too if I would like :).  It is far too late, and these routines should have been completed long ago, but they are COMPLETE.  I count it a success, with room for improvement.

And now, a little more progress:

It’s still in the pinning/conceptual stage, but it’s moving right along, hoping to be complete this weekend for one sweet little girl!  It used to be a knit t-shirt of mine; when it’s finished, I don’t think you’ll ever suspect its origins without being told!

Progress. Moving forward.  Going to sleep!


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