End of Christmas Decorations: Two Last Wreaths

I’m taking Christmas decorations down today.  We celebrated twelve days of Christmas, and Epiphany (when the wise men visited) on Thursday.  It will be celebrated at church tomorrow too.  It still drives me crazy that the wise men are pictured in the nativity scene.  They didn’t arrive until Jesus was about two years old!  Also, that stable in the scene?  Not at all realistic.  It was more what we would call a cave!  Plus, the Little People nativity shows Joseph as a shepherd.  He was a carpenter!  Not really essential matters of course, but I do think they could have done a little research!

But I digress.

I made these two wreaths just before leaving for vacation, and didn’t have time to post them.  You probably won’t be making them yourself now, of course, but this way my  post will be all ready to refer to next year :).  Or, make them as you put away your own decorations!

All you need for the silver wreaths:

1) A wreath, or even a wreath form cut form cardboard

2) Silver garland

3) An ornament with hanger

Instructions: Wrap silver garland around the wreath.  Secure at end with knot or glue.  Hang ornament in center from the garland.  Hang and enjoy!

And for the all-red wreath:

1) 16 gauge wire

2) pliers to bend the wire, and other pliers to cut the wire (or anything else you use to cut wire)

3) ball ornaments (mine are the shatter-proof, but you could use any)

4) crafting glue

Instructions: String ornaments on wire.  Cut wire to approximate length.  Join ends of wire by twisting with pliers.  You will probably have to trim your wire again, and pass both ends through several of the ornaments to get them nice and close together.  Once the wire is secured, glue the ornaments to each other and lay flat until completely dry.  If you don’t glue them, the top ones will tilt forward too much when you hang it.

Fair warning: This particular wreath looks a little easier to put together than it really is.  It’s not actually difficult, but it can be a tad frustrating getting it “just so.”  That may just be my perfectionism talking though.  Don’t let it keep you from attempting your own; it’s been my favorite decoration this season!


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