FLYing…Mostly :)

Meet my shiny sink, per FlyBaby Step #1!    My Domestic 2011 has begun!

And now I confess: I didn’t do the full cleaning she proscribed for this step.  But, I have done that full cleaning with this sink.  And not too long ago.  I’ve tried MANY times to start these baby steps!  Do you know that the first time I tried to begin, I had to wait a month before I finally remembered to buy some bleach so I could do the sink cleaning?

So this time, I’m doing what I can, and it’s going to be better than waiting around for a month so I can do it “correctly” and “perfectly”, which is not the purpose at all!  I’m doing the Baby Steps, but I’m going to do them in a way that works for me, since it’s my fourth or fifth attempt at implementing them!

Here’s my other confession: a clean sink does not make me nearly as happy as a clean countertop when I come out of my room in the morning (and see straight into the kitchen).  So, after getting the sink cleaned out and shiny, I did this:

I love my deep sinks for this reason!  The countertop has a few things on it that don’t belong, but it was clear enough to make me happy this morning!  My day starts out much more peacefully when that countertop is clear (or mostly so!), however silly that sounds!

Clean enough :).  And no, the Van Gogh doesn’t really live there, it’s just visiting while I rearrange the living room!   It’s part of my frugal fine art gallery.

Not as decorated as I’d like, yet.  For example, I have this wallpaper to use as a backsplash:

Washable, removable, and should tie in the countertops and cabinets I think.  This was redone just before we bought the house, so I didn’t choose any of the colors; it’s not what I would have chosen, so it’s been a challenge for me!  But I think the backsplash will help!

Thus my Domestic 2011 is off to a good start…even if it is already the 6th :).


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