Snowman and Train Sandwiches

This couldn’t possibly be simpler.  In fact, it’s so simple, I had never done it, because it seemed far too easy to be effective!  Yet effective it is.

Make sandwich, use a cookie cutter in the center, serve to children!  You could add raisins for eyes, and a carrot nose, and red hots for buttons, etc. etc. etc. if you want a fun project to do with the kids before lunch.  Or, just leave it simple, as I did.  They absolutely GOBBLED THEM UP.

P.S. Don’t have unrealistic expectations now.  While they gobbled up the PBJ snowmen and trains, the tuna salad snowmen were only nibbled today.  I might have to find time for a little more creativity to make that one work :).

P.P.S. I used cookie cutters from a huge box I bought at Wal-Mart last year for $10; it has cookie cutters for all occasions!  Better yet, I noticed it’s still in stores when I was there yesterday!


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