Simple Stuffed Animal Storage

Do you have a mountain of stuffed animals at your house?   Have you noticed how they try to take over your child’s room…and living room…and even end up in your kitchen cabinets?  Sneaky little things, they are.  Never fear, there’s a simple, inexpensive way to contain them.  Well, there are several, I’m sure, but here is one:

Galvanized buckets!  These are 12 quart buckets, with a diameter of 12″.  All of the stuffed animals from the previously pictured mountain are now happily living here, content to be packed like sardines and stashed in a corner when they’re not being loved, pushed in the shopping cart, or used as pawns in a football game and tackled.  Yes, I think I even heard a few sighs of relief coming from these little guys.

You can find these buckets at any hardware store; I picked up mine at Lowe’s for just under $5 a piece!

I’d really love to make this storage solution from HGTV; you basically stuff a large stuffed animal with all of your small ones, and it becomes a cute room decoration as well as a floor pillow.  The picture in this article isn’t the best; they used to have a video segment that showed it better, but I think you can get the idea!

So until I get around to that sewing project, my lovely buckets are serving their purpose quite well!

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3 thoughts on “Simple Stuffed Animal Storage

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  2. Good idea – although my little monkeys would decide that the buckets would make great toys and bash each others brains out!

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