Vacation and Upcoming Fun!

I’m on vacation!  I’d love to show you the travel blanket/pillow sets…but it will have to wait!  Look forward to those though, I really think you’ll love them.  They’ve been a life-saver on this trip!  The pillow folds up in the blanket and it all becomes a neat little package with shoulder straps to carry along!

I’ll be making an astronaut suit and refashioning a t-shirt into a dress when I get back home, plus churning out some more crayon rolls and perfecting the new velcro closure flap so I can post that tutorial as well!

PLUS I can’t wait to incorporate some gifts from Crate and Barrel and CB2 that I’ve received into my home, and show you that as well!  Can you believe that I’m going to get to find a place for this orbit mobile???$sharelarge$

AND there are a few flops to share as well.  I have enough material for three months of Friday Flops!  Everyone loves a good flop, right? 

May your Advent season be blessed, and may you find time to sleep as you finish up all of your handmade goodness before Christmas!


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