Progress: Space Shuttle Pillow Applique!

I’ve finished one side of my son’s travel pillow!  I thought I had now finished both sides, but more on that in a moment…for now, let’s bask in the beauty of this space shuttle!

Please don’t look too carefully, just stand back to get the overall effect so you won’t notice all of the crooked lines and imperfect stitches!  This was my first try at applique and embroidery; I had planned to just use felt pieces and Heat ‘n Bond, but as I began working I knew I was going to have to go this route; it turned out pretty well, I think, considering I’d never used a zigzag stitch before!  And that’s all this is – various widths and stitch lengths of a zigzag, over felt.  Simple once you figure out the stitch!  By the time I finished all of the small lines, I was much better at it!  Fortunately, my son loves it despite its imperfections! 

Now, the unfortunate part, and the reason this won’t actually become a pillow today:

I did the name side first, using the same fabrics I used for his name pin board in the shape of a sun that hangs over his bed.  I didn’t know how to satin stitch around it to applique it, so I just went with Heat ‘n Bond.  Now, however, it’s coming off!  I’m not sure if I did it incorrectly, or if it just wasn’t the best plan, but it’s going to have to be redone 😦 .  I think I still have enough scraps of fabric to do it though!  I’m going to use Heat ‘n Bond Lite this time, because it can be sewn.  The regular Heat ‘n Bond cannot, according to instructions.  I’m tempted to try it anyway, for the sake of time, and because I’m going to have to drive 1/2 an hour tomorrow to get the Heat ‘n Bond Lite, but there’s probably a good reason; perhaps all the adhesive gunks up your machine!  I definitely don’t have time for a machine repair, I have four more projects to finish before we leave on our trip…in four days!  Yikes.

I’m loving this project though; my son is thrilled, and it’s going to serve its purpose extremely well!  I guess I’ll just move on to working on the travel blanket for this set tonight, and finish the pillow tomorrow!


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