Another Advent Idea!

We’ve worked very hard to center our Christmas celebrations and traditions around Jesus rather than presents.  If you desire to change your focus from the one you had growing up, take heart; it’s very possible! 

Here is one idea for slightly shifting the focus from presents to Jesus:

Make a Christmas tree for Jesus, and during Advent, wrap presents for Him! 

You could do this in a variety of ways: have an actual small tree, and small boxes to wrap.  Or make a felt tree on a poster, and small felt presents to stick under the tree.  Or find stickers in the shape of presents to put under a tree you’ve drawn or printed from your computer.  Or anything else that works for you!

Now, how to give Jesus a present?  Presents are, I think, a method we use to bring someone happiness or joy.  So, a present for Jesus is simply something that brings Him joy!  It could be a kind word or deed to someone else (who is, of course, His child); it could be spending time with Him in prayer or reading the Bible; it could be doing chores without complaining (which would demonstrate obedience to Him, since He asks us not to complain)…almost endless possibilities!

You could choose to label the presents with the gift given, or simply to have your child place a present under Jesus’ tree when he or she gives Him a gift.  If you wrap little boxes, you could open them up on Christmas morning and remember the gifts you have given  Jesus this season, and of course the gift He gave you of Life!  You might even make a goal of giving Him more presents than you receive yourself!

If you use this idea in some form, please let me know, I’d love to hear how it worked for you!


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